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Akita University

For Special Entrance Examination for International Students

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines downloaded except application forms.

Master’s Courses 2019 October (Fall) Admission 2020 April (Spring) Admission For Special Entrance Examination for International Students


How to request for the Application Guidelines(For residents in Japan)

All application forms are enclosed in the Application Guidelines.


(1) Visiting at Admissions Office Directly

We will at the window of Admissions Office of Akita University.

Open Mon. -Fri. 8:30am to5:00 pm. Sat. and Sun. and holidays are closed.


(2) Via postal mail

Please send a request by mail addressed to the Akita University Admissions Office with a return envelope affixed with the postage stamps.

Refer to a sample provided in the Application Guidelines.


Note: Past examination questions for oral presentation are not available.


Inquiry contact for Admission

Admission Office Akita University

1-1,Tegata Gakuen-machi Akita-shi 010-8502 JAPAN

E-mail :