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Akita University

Dean's Message




Mitsutoshi Jikei

, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Science
/ Graduate School of Engineering Science
, Akita University

Regional revitalization through strengthening scientific education.
Educating and preparing students to deliver technological innovation in the global community.

Global warming is a problem of global scale, and we are required to solve it through the progress of science and technology and to build a sustainable society. In Japan as well, the 2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero for society as a whole by 2050, has been announced, and the goal is to aim for a decarbonized society. In order to achieve these goals, existing specialized approaches alone are not enough, and it is necessary to establish a new technology system with deep expertise and a broad perspective on other fields. Furthermore, in recent years, there have been remarkable advances in computer-based technologies such as big data processing, data-driven science, automation, and artificial intelligence. We need people who can find new breakthroughs by fusing existing specialized fields with these new digital technologies.

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Akita University develops education and research programs to develop human resources with engineering design skills that create new value by integrating multiple fields based on a solid foundation in each field. We have master's courses available in each of our five departments: life science, materials science, mathematical science and electrical-electronic-computer engineering, systems design engineering, and sustainable engineering, which is jointly managed with Akita Prefectural University. Our graduate students are required to take not only common-course and specialized classes but also minor-specialized classes through which they efficiently acquire wide-ranging technical knowledge and skills. Finally, doctoral degrees are the responsibility of the Department of Integrated Engineering Science. Its students, whilst naturally focusing on very specialized areas, are also trained to have broad perspectives in addition to comprehensive engineering skills, so that they can play a leading role to build a sustainable society.