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Akita University

Admission Policy (What kind of student are we looking for)

The Admission Policy of the Faculty and each Department

In the Faculty of Engineering Science, the education provided is a distinctive amalgamation of engineering, technology, science, and mathematics. In this vast academic field, students acquire a thorough basic academic ability, and in order to produce graduates who can be active in a global society and all aspects of community living, we are seeking prospective students with the following abilities and desires.

(1) Those who have acquired the basic ability necessary to study engineering and science.
(2) Those who have an interest in energy and environmental problems, new innovations and the creation of new materials and devices, or significant social issues such as the declining birth rate/aging population and planning for natural disasters and also have the ability to be assertive in learning by oneself.
(3) Those who have a desire to contribute to global or community development as a researcher or an engineer.

The policies of each department can be found below.

1)Department of Life Science Admissions Policy

In the Department of Life Science, we welcome students who have a sufficient understanding of bioethics while maintaining the ability to think in a creative manner outside the box, and who have a pioneer spirit regarding the development of comprehensive, leading-edge life sciences.

①Those who have the basic academic ability required in order to study life science, particularly a sufficient knowledge of chemistry and biology, as well as a sufficient ability in languages, such as Japanese and English.
②Those who are able to maintain an interest in all sciences, particularly life science.
③Those who possess a strong sense of determination and can accomplish both study and research goals.

2)Department of Materials Science Admissions Policy

In the Department of Materials Science, it is our primary mission to encourage the development of an outstanding knowledge of materials design and production technology on an atomic and molecular level. Graduates that complete the curriculum in our department are eligible for careers as scientific professionals in the fields of new functional material development and new chemical process technology. We welcome young applicants that possess the following academic abilities and interests.

①Those who have an affinity toward physics and chemistry, and possess an active curiosity.
②Those who are interested in ascertaining the causes of chemical phenomena and utilizing chemistry in order to create new devices.
③Those who are interested in using metals, semiconductors, and ceramics in the development of advanced functional materials.

3)Department of Mathematical Science and Electrical-Electronic-Computer Engineering Admissions Policy

In the Department of Mathematical Science and Electrical-Electronic-Computer Engineering we aim to nurture students to become engineers and researchers who possess the most advanced knowledge and techniques regarding electrical and electronic engineering, information engineering, and mathematical science, and who can learn on their own, consider problems and take action in order to contribute to the local community in light of the approaching complex society. We will place emphasis on the following points in our selection of prospective students.

①Those who have an interest in reusable energy, light and electronic devices used industrial machinery and household appliances, information transmission technology and control systems, and a strong desire to become a leading-edge engineer or researcher
②Those who are considering addressing medical, welfare, environmental, disaster mitigation, etc. issues facing communities through information communication infrastructure, which is a collaboration between computers and man.
③Those who are attracted to the beauty and mystery of mathematics and theoretical physics, and have a strong desire to have an in-depth knowledge of the principles and mechanisms of nature, and are persistent in their studies.

4)Department of Systems Design Engineering Admissions Policy

The Department of Systems Design Engineering is seeking prospective students who would like to become any of the following engineers in the future.

①An engineer who learns the fundamentals of machinery, and answers the needs of society taking a proactive approach in contributing to the local community.
②An engineer who can take the environment and welfare of society into account in the building plans, design, construction and maintenance management techniques of society’s infrastructure, public facility structures.
③ An engineer who studies all areas of engineering from the fundamentals through to actual practice, and who can be proactive in contributing to society through creative innovation.
We are therefore, currently seeking prospective students who possess the following qualities and beliefs.
①Those who have an affinity for mathematics and physics, are motivated to learn, and have a desire to further their fundamental knowledge of engineering.
②Those who understand the need for a sustainable society, and have a desire to undertake creative machinery development.
③Those who have both a strong interest in the maintenance of infrastructure and the environment and public welfare.
④Those have personalities that shine, and at the same time possess an adaptability to groups (leadership, cooperativeness, ability to hold a dialogue)
⑤Those who have a desire to study machinery, space, electric, and information engineering and acquire a fundamental knowledge of engineering its applications
⑥Those who wish to further their practical skills and creativity through actual project implementation and pioneer new fields.