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Akita University

Faculty Characteristics and Goals

From the Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science to the Faculty of Engineering Science, Promoting Education with Enhanced Understanding of “Science”

The Faculty’s Philosophy and Goal

In this faculty, we aim to build a regional education center with the education and research fields of engineering science, an amalgamation of science and engineering, at its center, that additionally encompasses a wide variety of academic fields ranging from science and mathematics to engineering. As for the education offered, this faculty’s philosophy is to cultivate human resources that have the ability to think ethically based on an enhanced understanding of the fundamental scientific courses and additionally, are industry-ready as participants in the global society based on a strong background in English and hands-on education courses.
Based on this, our goal is to cultivate human resources who can resolutely address the array of issues faced by the next generation utilizing their deep-rooted fundamental academic abilities and new concepts found in engineering science, made up of science and mathematics, and the various academic fields of engineering.