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Akita University

Logo Mark

Logo Mark Designer

Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science Department of Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor Yoshiyuki Sato

Logo Mark Concept

The E of Engineering and S of Science have been stylized to represent the Faculty of Engineering Science. Within the E, a hammer is drawn as a symbol of engineering, and the S is drawn as a sine wave, symbolic of science. The background design represents the faculty’s history in the Mining College and Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, and has been devised to give a modern impression.

Rule of Logo Mark Usage

Faculty members and students of the Faculty of Engineering Science and the Graduate School of Engineering and Material Science may make widespread use the logo mark in their work. Permission is not required. After reading and understanding the guidelines below, please make effective use of the logo mark.


 ・Do not change the color nor font when using the logo mark
 ・Depending on the use, please feel free to enlarge or shrink the logo mark, however please be careful not to change the aspect ratio or segment the mark,etc.

 (You will be taken to the Akita University common system AU-CIS)

Logo Mark Copyrights

The copyrights to the Faculty of Science and Engineering logo mark belong solely and entirely to the Akita University Faculty of Science and Engineering.