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Akita University

Mathematical Science Course

Learning and educational goals

Mathematical Science course aims to train professionals who can contribute to society as educators, engineers, and researchers in mathematics, theoretical physics, and computer science, and our purpose is for students to acquire the following items.

1 Knowledge and ability in mathematical science
1.1 Fundamental knowledge of mathematics
1.2 Fundamental knowledge of theoretical physics
1.3 Fundamental knowledge of computer science
1.4 Wide perspective to see the correlation between various fields and mathematical science

2 Qualities as an engineer and scientist
2.1 Fundamentals of programming and data analysis
2.2 The ability to discover and solve problems
2.3 The ability to research in an international arena
2.4 Fundamentals of a foreign language and the ability to communicate with peoples of different cultures
2.5 Discussion and presentation ability

3 Qualities as an educator
3.1 Understanding of various teaching methods and the ability to utilize them
3.2 Understanding of students’ physical, mental, and intellectual development and principles of learning
3.3 The ability to educate students utilizing an expertise in mathematical science

4 As a member of society
4.1 Fundamental Japanese (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
4.2 The attitude and desire to contribute to society
4.3 A high regard for ethics in science and technology