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Akita University

Life Science Course

Course (Program) studies and educational goals

In the Life Science Course, instructors provide the utmost support to students so that they may be able to solve the various problems, one by one, in the life sciences area, after acquiring fundamental knowledge of biology and chemistry, and then moving on to study the various specialized areas of life sciences. This is how we are training human resources who have a vast knowledge of life sciences and can take action on their own to solve problems. To that end, in the Life Sciences Course, in addition to the specialized knowledge and technology students acquire in class, we have prepared a program to encourage independence while improving students’ communication ability and sense of ethics. We aim to cultivate researchers and engineers who are aware of their social obligations and have a sense of responsibility, and can take on leadership roles in their places of work.
The specialized subjects are comprised of compulsory subjects (biology related and chemistry related lectures, practicums, and laboratory subjects), and elective subjects (biology related and chemistry related lecture subjects).