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Akita University

Faculty Entrance Exam Information (for High School students)

Admission Policy

The Faculty of Engineering Science’s admission policy can be viewed here.

工学資源学部 Admission Policy

Types of Admission

(1)General Entrance Exam

(2)Admission Office (AO) Entrance Exam

(3)Special Entrance Exam

  (ア)Entrance Exam through Recommendation II

(4)Privately Financed Foreign Student Admissions

(5)Privately Financed Foreign Student Admissions based on Pre-Arrival Acceptance Policy, 2020 2020.4.17update


Admission Office (AO) Entrance Exam Information

Use your individuality and desire to gain admission to Akita University! You decide your future.

The Admission Office (AO) Entrance Exam does not only emphasize “academic ability” in determining whether or not a student will gain admission, but comprehensively considers “individuality”, “desire” and “positivity” as well.

The Akita University Faculty of Engineering Science AO Entrance Exam results are determined based on “submitted documents including a self-promotion report”,“ a report submitted after listening to a lecture”, and “a thorough interview”, evaluating prospective students on a comprehensive variety of abilities that cannot be measured by a written test.

Students Suited to Applying Through the AO Entrance Exam

1. Those with personalities that really shine with individuality.

2. Those with a particularly strong desire to study at the Akita University Faculty of Engineering Science.

3. Those with a particularly strong interest in the development of the community and the world