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Akita University

2021Mathematical Science Course


Course Outline

In the Mathematical Science Course students learn about mathematical methods to gain a good foundation for a career in science and technology. They study mathematical and computer science, focusing on algebra, geometry, analysis, discrete mathematics, and quantum mechanics.

Course Features

Most people feel a sense of exhilaration when they solve a mathematics or physics problem. It is one of the appeals of studying math and physics. It is also important in mathematical science to make new discoveries by thinking about problems in a different way. In this course, we implement small group learning where students enjoy studying math and physics and repeat the experience of breakthroughs by finding explanations for phenomena they did not understand before, and acquire the ability to look for new discoveries on their own. Furthermore, students develop their English with native teachers to nurture their ability to function on a global stage. We educate exceptional students with an eye on cultivating researchers in the fields of mathematical science in the advanced science and math course.

What kind of human resources are we training

We nurture our students' talent to think logically and flexibly, and to use mathematical science concepts to address practical issues based on their study of mathematical science and information and communication science.


*Detailed information of the staff are available from the digest of the researchers list.

ONODA Masaru Professor Geometric Phase Effects in Quantum Transport Phenomena
KAWAKAMI Hajime Professor Inverse Problems about Heat Equation
YAMAMURA Akihiro Professor Combinatorial Group Theory, Theoretical Computer Science and Information Security
KOBAYASHI Mahito Associate Professor Shape Analysis by Mappings, Shape Detection by Apparent Contours
TANUMA Yasunari Associate Professor Research on Heterogeneous Anisotropic Superconductors
FAZEKAS Szilard Zsolt Associate Professor Simple Computational Models, Combinatorics of Strings and Biocomputing
SUGAWARA Toru Associate Professor Experimental and theoretical studies on high-temperature molten oxides
NAKAE Yasuharu Lecturer Low-dimensional Topology and Foliations
SIN'YA Ryoma Assistant Professor Combinatorial structure of formal languages, quantitative analysis of lambda calculi
HASHIZUME Megumi Assistant Professor Knot Theory, Low-dimensional Topology