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Akita University

2021Materials Science and Engineering Course


Course Outline

In the Materials Science and Engineering Course, the scientific study of metals, ceramics and semiconductors are the main focus. Investigation of their physical properties, as well as their microscopic origins, is one of the main subjects tackled by our students. The development of innovative industrial processes for fabricating materials is another important subject studied. A wide variety of educational topics ranging from basic science, e.g. Solid State Physics, Solid State Chemistry, and Ceramics, to the current technological applications of materials, are covered in the lectures.

Course Features

The main feature of the Materials Science and Engineering Course curriculum is that of a "Step-by-Step" educational program, covering topics from fundamental concepts to applications. Students begin to study nano-scale level phenomena such as atomic structure and electron states that are directly linked with the nature of materials, and subsequently study their physical and chemical properties on the macro-scale. Through this course, we aim to progress beyond traditional materials science and engineering, taking an active interest in the ideas and methods of nano-science and nano-technology. We conduct educational research concerning the development of next-generation advanced materials and alternative resources that it is hoped will replace the use of rare elements.

What kind of human resources do we develop?

We are cultivating creative academics and engineers able to tackle the various technological issues facing both Japan and the world in general, through their material science and engineering knowledge and education.


*Detailed information of the staff are available from the digest of the researchers list.

SAITO Kaichi Professor Electron microscopy and microstructure control of alloys 
OHGUCHI Ken-ichi  Professor  Inelastic constitutive modeling and deformation characteristics evaluation for engineering materials 
HAYASHI Shigeo Professor  Study on the preparation of inorganic environmental materials via powder process
SATO Yoshiyuki  Associate Professor  Materials design for high temperature by electronic state computation 
NATSUME Yukinobu  Associate Professor  Research on the control of solidification structure of alloy using numerical simulations 
NINO Akihiro  Associate Professor  Research on characteristic improvement of ceramic structural materials 
FUKUMOTO Michihisa  Associate Professor  Development of the hydrogen generation electrode
TSUJIUCHI Yutaka  Lecturer  Research on molecular device using the method of molecular electronics and biophysics
HASEGAWA Takashi  Lecturer  Nano-magnetic materials 
KAWANO Naoki Lecturer Development of scintillator and dosimeter materials
SO Yeong-Gi Lecturer Atomic structure and physical properties of metallic alloys 
GOTO Ikuzo  Lecturer Research on high performance castings and optimum casting processes 
TAKAHASHI  Hiroki Lecturer Development of highly active fuel cell catalyst and electrolysis system
FUKUCHI Kohei Assistant Professor Research on composite of plastic working material and foamed metal and deformation behavior of the  composite
LU Xiaoye Associate Professor  Development and evaluation of the Bi system oxide superconductors