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Akita University

2021Life Science Course


Course Outline

It is said that the 21st century is the age of Life Sciences. Human genomes have been fully decoded, and life sciences have moved onto the structure and physiological function analysis of biomolecules.
In the Department of Life Science we aim to educate human resources who have acquired the fundamental elements required by Life Science industries, such as pharmaceuticals and health foods, through the analysis of complex and intricate life phenomena on atomic and molecular levels while focusing on biology and chemistry.
The Department of Life Science is composed of staff conducting a vast array of creative and innovative educational research from the analysis of biomolecules on an atomic level to the physiological analysis of cells and individuals, searching for useful organisms and genes in nature, and applications for biological element designs.

The Department of Life Science is seeking the following people who aim to be academics or engineers!

  • Those who have a strong interest in life sciences and wish to contribute to society through research
  • Those who would like to make new discoveries in life sciences through creative research
  • Those who have the assertiveness to turn their thoughts into action

What kind of human resources are we training

We are nurturing future life science academics and highly-skilled engineers, cultivating human resources who will work in careers where they can use their life science knowledge and intellect and have the ability to take on pioneering roles.


*Detailed information of the staff are available from the digest of the researchers list.

KUBOTA Hiroshi Professor Studies on aggregation prone proteins in neurodegenerative disease
WAKUI Hideki Professor Clinicopathologic study of diseases, drug repositioning
ODAKA Masafumi Professor Structural and functional studies on medically and industrially important proteins
FUJIWARA Kenshu Professor Studies toward total synthesis of bioactive natural products
HIKIDA Masaki Professor Studies on regulatory mechanisms of memory B cells
AKIBA Uichi Associate Professor Studies on creation of bioelectrochemically functionalized interfaces
AMATATSU Yoshiaki Associate Professor Computational design of photofunctional molecular devices
KONDO Yoshihiko Associate Professor Research for new properties based on modified macrocyclic compound
MATSUMURA Hirotoshi Associate Professor Studies on structure-function relationships in drug target proteins for inflammatory diseases
FUJITA Kaori Lecturer Biological functions of p53 and its isoforms in cellular senescence and aging-associated diseases
TAMURA Taku Assistant Professor Protein quality control mechanism in the Endoplasmic Rerticulum
HONDA Haruka Assistant Professor Studies on development of cell culture technique for immune cells
KIRIAKE Aya Assistant Professor Elucidation of protein function and structures from the marine organisms