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Akita University

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course


Course Outline

In the Electric and Electronic Engineering Course, students conduct educational research in order to acquire an advanced technology developmental ability and address the issues facing communities, through the study of electric energy, optical and electronic devises, information communication technology and control system technology. Students focus on electric power engineering, semiconductor device engineering, measurement electronics, and electrical machinery in their study of electric, electronic, information, and communications engineering, which support infrastructure engineering.

Course Features

Electric and Electronic Engineering is the study that forms the foundation of various intellectual activities including; electric energy, devices, communications, information, control, bioengineering, and the environment, the majority of themes strongly related to the needs of modern society.
In this course, students can not only study specialized knowledge regarding electric and electronic engineering, but they can also think and learn how they are related to the needs of society through classwork and research activities. Additionally, we have prepared a curriculum that makes it possible for students to acquire the communication skills necessary in this generation of internationalization, and advanced technological skills related to IT. Furthermore, we aim to cultivate human resources who can give back to the community by putting their knowledge to practical use.

What kind of human resources are we training

We are cultivating human resources who can contribute to the development, design, and manufacturing of optical and electronic devices through their study of subjects related to electric energy.


*Detailed information of the staff are available from the digest of the researchers list.

KUMAGAI Seiji Professor Devices and Materials for Electricity Usage
SAITO Hitoshi Professor  Development of functional nanoscale magnetic microscopy and their application to advanced magnetic devices
KAWAMURA Marenori Professor Development of Liquid-Crystal Devices and Their Applications to Optoelectronic Devices
SATO Yuichi Associate Professor Researches on semiconductor thin films and optoelectronic devices
TANAKA Motoshi Associate Professor Study on human information such as brain wave, footstep and life activity sound
MIURA Takeshi Associate Professor Small-motor control, dance-motion analysis
KABIR Mahmudul Associate Professor Research on nonlinear materials and environmental purification
FUKUDA Makoto Lecturer Nonlinear ultrasonic instrumentation and its application 
YODOKAWA Shinichi  Lecturer Millimeter-wave and submillimeter-wave devices employing solid-state plasma 
YOSHIDA Yukihiro  Lecturer Study on Analysis and Design of Permanent Magnet Machines 
NISHIHIRA Morimasa  Assistant Professor  Analysis of piezoelectric devices and its application 
MATSUO Kenshi  Assistant Professor  Study of control for small motors 
TAJIMA Katsubumi  Professor  Coupling analysis for circuit, magnetic field, motion, heat conduction of electrical devices 
YAMAGUCHI Rumiko Professor  Study on liquid crystal alignment and electro-optical property
TAKAHASHI Shotaro Lecturer  Electromagnetic noise reduction, size reduction and performance improvement of power converters
SAKURAI Sho Assistant Professor  Design of permanent magnet motor for performance improvement using finite element method