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Akita University

Creative Engineering Course


Course Outline

In the Creative Engineering Course students study a wide variety of engineering fields with a focus on mechanical and space engineering, through the experience of implementing a project students improve their industry-readiness and creativity, and conduct research in the vast arena of engineering, including mechanical engineering and space engineering in order to develop rockets and satellites.

Course Features

  • We are cultivating engineers who can become leaders in the space industry and leading edge industries as students acquire a fundamental knowledge of engineering, and a specialized knowledge regarding space engineering, and utilize this knowledge to improve their project implementation ability.
  • We are cultivating engineers who can function in a wide variety of industries, and have knowledge of a vast array of engineering fields, such as mechanical engineering, electric and electronic engineering, and computer engineering, and have the ability to implement projects.
  • Students can conduct research in a wide variety of engineering fields, including mechanical engineering which is the basis of “Creative Manufacturing” and space engineering in order to develop rockets and satellites.

What kind of human resources are we training

We are cultivating students’ ability to implement projects through active learning, which encourages students’ proactive study, such as student participation, problem research, and problem-based learning and at the same time we are cultivating engineers who can undertake creative manufacturing.


*Detailed information of the staff are available from the digest of the researchers list.

ADACHI Takahiro Professor Oxygen Transfer and Power Consumption in an Aeration System Using Mist and Circulation Flow Generated by a Rotating Cone
AKINAGA  Takeshi Associate Professor A restorative approach to agriculture 
HIRAYAMA Hiroshi Lecturer Study on spacecraft, space exploration and orbital debris
KINOSHITA  Yukinori Lecturer Development of scanning probe microscopy technique for nanometer-scale quantitative imaging of magnetic, electrical and mechanical properties on surfaces.
FURUBAYASHI Takaaki Lecturer Design and analysis of sustainable energy systems
SASAKI Eiichi Specially-appointed Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics. Turbulence, Dynamical systems, 
and Shape optimization.
MISHIMA Nozomu Professor Study on environmental benign design methodologies and evaluation of resource efficiency of products
TAKAHASHI Mamoru Associate Professor Synthesis of diamond film by flame combustion