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Akita University

2021Applied Chemistry Course


Course Outline

In the Applied Chemistry course we conduct educational research that covers chemistry on an atomic and molecular level to manufacturing that utilizes chemistry. Students study a wide variety of specialized areas in chemistry from chemical engineering related natural and man-made inorganic materials, organic materials and energy to bioprocesses.

Course Features

With the sophistication and depth of recent advanced science and technology, the importance of the fundamentals for materials has been rediscovered, requiring education and research that surpasses the existing framework of science and engineering. Additionally there is a need to cultivate human resources who can overview this widespread area and can play an important role in materials science. One of the main features of the Applied Chemistry course is that it covers chemistry from the basics (scientific fields) to its applications (engineering fields). Another feature is that it has traditionally addressed the array of environmental and energy problems as part of its heritage. We support students who have the desire to participate in society with chemistry and chemical technology as their base.

What kind of human resources are we training

We are cultivating human resources who have the ability to analyze phenomena with a broad perspective in “chemical matter” and “chemical processes”, and who can strive to balance environment and technology with a wide view.


*Detailed information of the staff are available from the digest of the researchers list.

JIKEI Mitsutoshi Professor Design and synthesis of organic functional materials 
SHINDO Takayoshi Professor Catalysis for energy conversion and environmental protection 
MURAKAMI Kenji Professor Development of catalysts for conversion of carbon resources and synthesis of new organic-inorganic composites 
KATO Sumio Professor Studies on synthesis of complex metal oxides and application for environmental purification 
TAKAHASHI Hiroshi Associate Professor Development of seawater decontamination system 
OKAWA Hirokazu Associate Professor Study on the synthesis of battery materials and environmental purification materials using sonochemistry 
MATSUMOTO Kazuya Associate Professor Research on synthesis and properties of functional polymers 
INOUE Yukihiko Lecturer Chemistry of Organic Reactions and Functional olymer Chemistry 
OGASAWARA Masataka Associate Professor Studies on preparation of functionalized porous material and inorganic-organic composite 
KATO Takahiro Lecturer Development of efficient recovery process of valuable metals from secondary resources 
KITABAYASHI Shigeaki Assistant Professor Preparation and characterization of titania-mica photocatalyst 
YAMASHITA Tsuyoshi Assistant Professor Effect of Quaternary Salts Structure of Onium Hydrogels on their Swelling Behavior 
YOKOTA Saki Assistant Professor Application of genetic engineering for the production of bio-functional materials 
NAKAMURA Ayano Assistant Professor Development of new flocculant/adsorbent and its application to magnetic separation 
SAITO Kanji Assistant Professor Design of photocatalyst for environmental purification and energy production