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Akita University

How to Apply for Various Certificates

*If you apply for Certificates from overseas,please contact the school office.

For Currently Enrolled Students

To obtain a Certificate of Enrollment, School Commute Certificate (JR), Student Discount card (JR), Certificate of Health, Transcript, or Expected Graduation (Completion) Certificate use your student ID in the certificate issuing machine located in the Student Support Center.
For other types of certificates, please submit an application to the General Affairs Division Engineering Science desk.


For Alumni and Graduates

Alumni and graduates can obtain the various types of certificates (graduation, transcript) via the following methods.
※We cannot accept requests over the phone, or via fax or e-mail.

(1)Applications in person

Please fill in the specified form at the General Affairs Division Engineering Science desk located on the first floor of the Student Support building.
However, because we cannot issue certificates on the same day, you must return at a later date to pick them up.
■Application hours 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (closed Sat, Sun, and holidays)

(2)Applications via post

Please enclose the following items in the envelope when applying.

(1)Certificate Issuance Request

Please print out the Certificate Issuance Request (PDF file, 36KB) and fill it in. (However, if the required fields are listed, other forms are also acceptable)
※You may only request up to 5 copies of a certificate per application.


(2)Return Envelope

On a long form #3 (approx. 23.5 cm x 12 cm) envelope please write your name and address clearly and affix a stamp

●Approximate costs for return envelope postage (For expedited delivery service add 280 yen to the prices listed below)

Graduation (Completion) Certificate Japanese, English Up to 3 copies 82 yen
Transcript Japanese Up to 2 copies 82 yen
Transcript English 1 copy 82 yen
2 copies 92 yen
Graduation (Completion) Certificate + Transcript Japanese, English 1 copies 82 yen
Japanese, English 2 copies 92 yen

※When sending from the university, in cases where the affixed stamp may be insufficient we will send the envelope indicating “insufficient postage to be paid by recipient”.

Download the Certificate Issuance Request
Adobe Reader is required in order to open the Certificate Issuance Request. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer please download it from here.


(3)Issuance Fee



(4)Number of days required to issue certificates

Below is a chart of the approximate number of days required to issue each type of certificate. University events, etc. may cause delays. Please make sure to apply with ample time for your purpose. (Sat, Sun, and holidays are not figured into the estimated number of days)

Graduation, Completion Certificates 2 days
Transcript 2 days
Degree Conferment Certificate 2 days
Earned Credit Certifcate (Surveying, Detonics) 2 days
Graduation, Completion Certificates (English) 7 days
Transcript (English) 7 days
Credits Earned Certificate(Except for Surveying and Detonics) 7 days


(5)Applications and inquiries

1-1  Tegata Gakuen-machi, Akita city 010-8502
Akita University General Affairs Division

Engineering Science (Faculty) desk 018-889-2312
Engineering Science (Graduate School) desk 018-889-2316

※Please write “Certificate Issuance Request Inside” in red on the envelope.